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A few years ago, I spent a lot of time traveling. Upon my return home, I reflected on my trips and realized I most enjoyed the "spiritual tourism." I had gone on meditation retreats, stayed at yoga ashrams and visited numerous churches and temples. I realized I wanted more of that in my life. With that in mind, I thought about creating a class series in which people from various traditions would share their spiritual experience. This class never materialized.

When I stumbled into the Brooklyn cable access television station (BRIC), this idea came back to me as a concept for a television show. Initially, the concept has shifted a bit, focusing more on various meditation practices and techniques.

My hope with Radiance is to introduce to our viewers a variety of practices, offering the viewer an introduction that would lead them to further exploration.

I also offer classes in mindfulness meditation for business and organizations. More information on classes.

Please join Radiance as we explore the many spiritual paths the world has to offer.

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