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Did you know that Radiance is completely self-funded, a labor of love? For two years, I have been working full-time in addition to doing the show. I scout guests, do pre-interviews, schedule studio and crew, host the show, edit the recorded shows, distribute to multiple channels in addition to YouTube, maintain website, market via social media and email. All expenses for transportation, meals for the guest and crew, editing equipment and mass-storage has come out of my pocket.

The truth is, I am tired. I wish I didnít need to ask but I need help supporting the show. Mainly, your support would allow me to cut back on my regular job. Additionally it would allow me to pay crew and an editor. Iíd like to take the show to the next level by doing more shows on location, with a greater amount of editing.

My mission has always been to bring meditation and spiritual practices to the people. In New York City alone, we hit 750,000 homes and many more all over the world have access online.

Can you help?

As a thank you, your name will be listed on the website and in the show credits.

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